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I heard that milk was not good for your wealth... humans are the only mammals that drink the milk of another species x)

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Odds and Evens Odds and Evens

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I really like your weird high frequ drum... it's inside my ears... haw did you do dis ?_?
I like it.

On another hand, I think the synths lack reverb. You really should try to add some reverb, even just a little bit. It would give more power to your atmosphere and more presence to your instruments. Also, I think the end could have been made... in a different manner (but that's subjective :P).

In genereal, I like the melodies you put there. That makes me think it is overall a really great song.
Keep it up, buddy!

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OmgMuSiCFTW responds:

Thanks Man i appreiciate the honest opinion. its been a couple years since i have made a song and uploaded it but ill keep that in mind next time! as far as the drums i used a high pass filter and as far as the ringing in the ears i like to make the hi hats and some kicks edited with a stereo shaper so it basically bounces back in forth Left to Right multiple times a second. makes a cool effect.

im just about to upload another track i spent the last couple days on let me know what you think and please give honest opinions. i find them more beneficial than anything

Dex Arson - Rampage (ColBreakz Remix) Dex Arson - Rampage (ColBreakz Remix)

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You definitely should try making 3/4 drops. It would be amaizing 0_0

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Energy Energy

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great song! The void right before each 3rd and 4th time of the drop makes the thing freakin great 0_0
keep it up!

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Me Me

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too many nametags... o_0


IanEllard responds:

True, isn't it?